dispersal of angiosperms

dispersal of angiospermsFlowering plants are very efficient at producing oxygen, which will increase the rate of metabolism in animal tissue. If this rate is too high, especially in large animals, they may not be able to eat sufficient food to survive.


A nine mile wide asteroid hit the earth in the Gulf of Mexico.

Brain Functions

Dinosaurs became endangered from the world evolving unlike their brain functions.

Hitting Asteroids

Two large asteroids colliding created hundreds of smaller fragments to touch the earth and moon.

High levels of carbon dioxide

carbon dioxideHigh Levels of Carbon Dioxide Destroyed Dinosaurs Embryo.

Cataract Blindness

cataract blindnessMass blindness is one theory that would've caused the extinction of dinosaurs.


Insects that reproduced at an alarming rate causing a shortage of vegetation.


Over generation to generation dinosaur eggs became thinner and thinner from over stress causing the survival to go down.

Increasing Entropy

Increasing EntropyEntropy id a measure of the disorder of the molecules in substances. Large organisms are seen to be more ordered than small organisms. If this would have increased that is would result in less order and the eradication of larger organized life forms.


fungiA rapid evolution of fungi, especially poisonous species, which may have contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs.

Greenhouse Effect

Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect.

Lack of Sexual Activity

dinosaur sexual activityOver-Predation and Decrease in Sexual Activity, the Cause of Extinction of Dinosaurs

Mass Flooding

mass floodingMass flooding may have destroyed important dinosaur habitats causing extinction.

Mental Disorders

mental disordersThere is evidence that many of the large dinosaurs, must have had very small brains in comparison to their total body size, possibly as small as a kitten's brain. With such small brain capacity responses to the surrounding environment would have been so slow that they could not compete with faster thinking animals that have evolved in the Cretaceous period.

Metabolic Disorder

metabolic disorderA metabolic disorder relate to thinning of egg shells during incubation due to variations in certain hormones. The embryos would die, as the shells would be unable to protect them from predation and dehydration.


Ozone later was disrupted causing death from harmful UV rays.


A star exploding causing a supernova.


UraniumPoisoning by uranium, which was leached form the soil.

Dinosaur Extinction Theories

It is predicted that all dinosaurs became extinct around the date of 61 million years ago which is shortly past the Cretaceous Period. No one really knows for sure how exactly dinosaurs became extinct but there is much evidence showing a sudden stop as opposed to the dinosaurs slowly dying off. With this strange mystery comes many theories on the possible reasons to what happened to stop their species from existing in such a short amount of time. Click to the top links to read about the different theories. Some of these are not very realistic as many are just suggestions which are not backed up with little to no evidence. The theory on the Chicxulub crater is pretty much what most scientists think caused end of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur extinction