High Levels of Carbon Dioxide Destroyed Dinosaurs Embryo

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There are abundant of theories to explain why the Dinosaurs became extinct abut none of them can give a complete reason. The theories which are most commonly used to explain the extinction of dinosaurs are the asteroid theory, the volcanic theory, the climate change and a host of them. One of the theories states that the increase in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulted in their extinction.

The cretaceous period saw many volcanic eruptions which resulted in the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. The high level of carbon dioxide resulted in a condition similar to that of greenhouse in which the heat energy which enters cannot be radiated back into the atmosphere. This resulted in increase in temperature and melting of the ice caps. The melted ice from the arctic region increased the sea level which eventually resulted in flood killing all the organisms on the earth.
An increased level of carbon dioxide would have trapped the solar energy and would not have let it dissipate in the space resulting in an increase in the temperature. This rise in temperature would have killed or reduced the activity of the planktons and also their ability to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen using the process of photosynthesis. This would not have taken long for the dinosaurs to start suffering and then ultimately becoming extinct.

High level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also destroyed the dinosaurs embryo due to suffocation. The theory also postulates that the high level of carbon di oxide in the atmosphere caused the ocean to become stagnant. Being stagnant means that there was no oxygen left for any species that lived in the ocean and hence there would be no food available. However, this theory was postulated keeping in mind the view that all the dinosaurs lived in marine condition.