The green house Effect cause of dinosaur extinction?

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If you are not familiar with the term "Greenhouse Effect" then I'll have to brief you on the subject. This is yet another theory on a possible reason why the dinosaurs became extinct.

The definition of the greenhouse effect is as follows:

The phenomenon where the earth's atmosphere traps solar radiation, caused by the presence in the atmosphere of gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but absorb heat radiated back from the earth's surface.

I realize this may be confusing to hear but aside from all of the technical words of the definition it's an easy concept. There is a much more easy way to explain this.

If there is a heavy amount of carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere than there is a chance of a greenhouse effect because the carbon dioxide acts like a cloud around the earth and magnifies heat from the sun to the earth. Now this "cloud" is like a blanket and keeps that heat in. The heat has nowhere to go and eventually the earth goes through a phase of higher temperatures. This will create a rise in temperature for the oceans as well. This is a phenomenon change of the environment because this does happen then the ice caps at the artic will start to melt. In the artic there is thousands of miles of pure ice because of the sub-zero temperatures that is there. With the oceans overheating and the atmosphere being at very hot these miles of mountains of ice will melt which will surely make the water levels skyrocket. Changes are half of land will be flooded. In time the melted ice will cool down the planet and the earth will stabilize to the way it was before the greenhouse effect has happened and everything will clear up. This is not something that happens in a day. This is a stage of the world that takes probably over 1000 years from the beginning to the end. After that, we got the earth which is basically a big huge ocean for the most part of it. Actually even today the Gov't is worried that this phenomenon will occur. Ever since the 70's scientists have been mentioning that the ice caps are melting and the earth is currently experiencing a climate change. Of course you don't have to worry about this tonight because like I said before, if it is happening then you won't notice for a decade.

Ok, so you understand a bit about the greenhouse effect but how does that come into par with dinosaurs being extent? Well, volcanos create a mass amount of carbon dioxide and if there's a huge outbreak then there is a high chance to trigger a greenhouse effect. But the way the world is now, this isn't going to happen. There simply isn't enough active volcanos around to do this. Volcano activity in the 2000's are not high at all. I couldn't even tell you where or when the last one was. In order to find the time when there was enough volcano activity you would actually have to travel back in time to around 230 million years ago. The cretaceous time which was the last era of dinosaurs right before they became extinct.  During the cretaceous era there was major volcano activity. Scientists and Paleontologists claim that during this last prehistoric timeline there was so many volcanos that the world was defaced by them. To them knowing this is simple. When they dig up dinosaurs the ground level of the Triassic and Jurassic period the bones where with dirt, soil, a little bit of clay, and other normal ground. But when they found dinosaur fossils from the cretaceous time there was always special evidence of volcanos in the ground nearby. It could've been a special common mineral that volcanos produce, high levels of sodium, or volcanic rock. So, now you know why every time you see a dinosaur picture there is a volcano blowing up in the background.