Poisoning Due To Uranium Killed Dinosaurs

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There are several studies and theories given in support of the reasons that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs who ruled the Earth for almost 165 million of years. The different theories put forward are Asteroid theory, Dinosaur stress, ozone layer depletion, greenhouse effect, Supernova, etc. One of the theories states that the leaching Uranium from the soil caused the death of the Dinosaurs. Uranium is a radioactive mineral which is the most poisonous material known on the earth. These are known to cause cancer and genetic mutation in the body. Thus, if dinosaurs were exposed to uranium then they would certainly have has uranium poisoning.
There are dinosaur site at Utah were uranium mines are found. This shows that the dinosaurs died due to uranium poisoning. Most of the dinosaurs that have died have their jaws open, their head thrown back and back and neck reflexed backward with their limbs contracted. All this clearly shows the symptoms of rigor mortis which is caused when the central nervous system is affected. This condition of the dinosaurs suggested that they might have been killed due to some poisoning and most probably uranium.

Uranium is known to inhibit the metabolism process and enzyme system. The uranium can affect the central nervous system of the body and cause rigor mortis. The theory states that the uranium leaked from the soil and entered the body of the dinosaurs through the skin and poisoned them, resulting in their mass destruction.
Though there are many theories formulated to explain the cause of the mass extinction of dinosaurs from the planet, none of them satisfactorily explains the cause. However, the death of the dinosaurs must have been due to a combination of many of these theories if not one.