Abrictosaurus The Abrictosaurus was a small herbivore at around 4 feet long.


The Abrosaurus is known from only one very well preserved skull.


The longest known Acrocanthusaurus to be found was 11.5 meters in length.


There has been over 20 different Allosaurus fossil finding and many are in very good shape.


The Anchisaurus was one of the first dinosaurs discovered in North America.


Archaeopteryx is the earliest and most primitive bird known.


Barosaurus have been found in the Morrison Formation. In the same location there was also findings of Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Haplocanthosaurus, Allosaurus


Brachiosaurus were so big that they are thought to have two hearts to be able to pump blood way up their necks.


There is only one known Brachytrachelopan fossil finding which was discovered in Argentina, South America.


Brontosaurus was first discovered in 1879 by Othniel Charles Marsh.


The Camarasaurus measured to roughly 48ft in length and 15ft in height.


Camptosaurus was first described by O.C marsh in 1879, but called the dinosaur a Camptonotus. The name was changed to Camptosaurus in 1885 because the first name was taken for an insect.


The Ceratosaurus was about twelve feet high and over thirty feet long.


Coelophysis was three meters long and it had only three functional digits, the fourth embedded in the flesh of the hand.


In 1901 10 egg fossils were found that were thought to belong to the Compsognathus species. It wasn't until 1993 that researchers determined that they were most likely from a Sinosauropteryx.


Dilophosaurus is probably the dinosaur that most commonly is mistaken for certain features of it due to Jurassic Park.


The Diplodocus was one of the largest dinosaurs ever to be discovered. Its average size was 88ft in length.


It has been suggested that the ancestor of Europasaurus would have dwarfed rapidly after immigrating to a paleo-island because of lack of food.


The Fruitadens is the smallest known dinosaur of the Ornithischian group to exist today.


The Giraffatitan is also known as the Brachiosaurus which means "arm lizard", from the Greek brachion ("arm") and sauros ("lizard").


the wording "Guanlong" means Crowned Dragon because of the two crests on its head.


There has never been a skull fossil of a Haplocanthosaurus ever discovered. The descreption of the dinosaur was based by the body parts that were found.


Heterodontosaurus fossils have been found in Africa.


The Huayangosaurus was one of the earlier plated dinosaurs which was very primitive with a broad skull and teeth in the front of its mouth.


The Juravenator means Jura Mountains hunter in Greek.


The Kentrosaurus used its spines on its back to regulate its body temperature.


The Laosaurus was first described by O.C. Marsh in 1878.


The Lesothosaurus is one of the most early ornithischians (bird-hipped dinosaur).


The Lexovisaurus was a dinosaur specie that was much like a Stegosaurus. It has round pointed spines like a Stegosaurus.


The Limusaurus is a great example to show that its possible that dinosaurs did not evolve into birds.


Most of the Massospondylus fossils were discovered in the Country of Africa in Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


The first Megalosaurus fossil was discovered in 1676 in England.

Miragaia longicollum

The Miragaia Longicollum was named this just recently.


Before the Monolophosaurus got its name the news press though that it was a Jiangjunmiaosaurus.


Nanosaurus actually means "dwarf Lizard" and was described in 1877 but their is minimal information about this dinosaur because there has not been many finding.


Omeisaurus was found in the China region. It had unusual features than other in its group such as nostrils located close to the end of its nose.


Scutellosaurus was a herbivore that was found in Arizona. Only two partial fossil body structures have been found.


The Segisaurus is known from only a few partial fossils discovered. It was closely related to the Procompsognathus.


The Stegosaurus Head fossil size was very small. There was also a large open area inside the region of the spinal cord. Some scientists believe that they had a second brain that shared responsibilities and functions of the brain.


A almost complete Fossil of the Supersaurus has been found and was nicknamed "Jimbo". It currently is located at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.


The Zigongosaurus was named by Hou, Chao, and Chu in 1976.

Jurassic Period Dinosaurs

Click on any of the pictures or names above to learn specifically about that particular dinosaur of this period. The Jurassic life is the time period of 203 to 135 million years ago. Evolution has begun to develop excessively. Not only for dinosaurs either. Flying creatures called Pterosaurs started to soar in the air. The dinosaurs of the Jurassic era were very large but there were a share of smaller ones as well. This is the most popular period thanks to Universal studio's top hit movie "Jurassic Park" which brought a whole new perception on how people see dinosaurs, but was somewhat of a bad influence for education because of the mass made up facts that were presented with dinosaurs within the movie.

jurassic dinosaurs
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