Dinosaur Memory Matching

Memory GameRemember what type of dinosaur and where it is. Try to match cute pictures of dinosaurs together. When you have a match, both pictures will disappear. Win by matching all the pictures. Try to do it in as little time and as little clicks as possible.

Chalk Period Mahjong

Chalk Period MahjongNew colorful free addictive online mahjong game. Feel the anxious atmosphere of the catastrophe of the end of chalk period. This is just the golden age of huge pangolins, reptiles and dinosaurs. This mahjong game requires your skill, experience, memory and observation. Click at the identical tiles with two opened adjacent sides. Delete all tiles on the playing board to pass to another level.

dino pop

Dino PopDinosaurs are the order of the day in Dino Pop.

dino pop 2

Dino Pop 2Dino Pop is back with two paddles to control at once.

dino pop 3

dino pop 3Dinosaurs and paddles and balls in Dino Pop 3.

dino pop 4

dino pop 4Juggle four paddles against the dinosaurs in Dino Pop 4.

Jurassic baby care

Jurassic Baby CareDream about having a dinosaurs pet ? You dream comes true, your job is to take care of all the little cute dinosaurs. Complete all 7 levels to win the game.

Bow Contest

Bow ContestFire arrows at the targets and try to score the most points.

Dinosaur Coloring

Dinosaur coloring game Pick colors from the color palette and color the Dinosaurs.

Dino Jeep Hunter

Dino Jeep Hunterkill all the dinosaurs without them kill you! Watch out for pterodactyl!

Dinosaur Puzzle

Dinosaur PuzzlePut the puzzle pieces together to create this picture of a dinosaur.

Prehistoric Jumper

Prehistoric JumperPrehistoric Jumper deals with a pretty prehistoric car made of stone which has to make its way through dinosaurs. In spite of the landscapes beauty, the track is dangerous and the player will find it difficult to remain alive.

Pet dinosaur creator

Pet Dinosaur CreatorCreate your own pet dinosaur with your creativity. And print it out for collection or make a card battle.


GroarGroar is dino ancient land, a place where you are trapped with full of dinosaurs. You must driving your truck through a dangerous jungle and trap. With existing weapons, your objectives is to reach the port that will take you home. Your survival skills will be tested. Groar have 2 levels, campaign and survival.

Daeng of the forest

Of the ForestThe Man named Daeng want to rescue his village from bad Dinosaurs, Daeng can beat the dinosaurs with his accuracy and math knowledge.

Dino Rush

Dino Rush GameThe cavemans have stole all dino eggs! This game might look like a simple platform game, but is packed with smart cooperative elements and tricky puzzles to solve. Can you travel to the cave, go deeper, and find all your dino eggs in the heart of the lava-cave?

Dinosaur Flash Games

Feel Free to enjoy a few fun little dinosaur related flash games.