Mass Flooding Caused Their Extinction

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Dinosaur once habituated Earth from Triassic period to Cretaceous era. However, they became extinct due to some unknown reason. There are many theories put forward to give reasons for the extinction of Dinosaurs. One of the most popular theories is that the Earth was hit by asteroid that led to a catastrophic global devastation. This devastation led to their extinction. Another theory is that of Volcano, Greenhouse theory which suggests that the Dinosaurs were killed due to extensive volcanic activity.

Another theory which is supported well by available data is that the Dinosaurs were killed by mass flooding. The fact that most of the graveyards of the dinosaurs was caused by the huge amount of water supports the theory that the mass destruction of the dinosaurs must have been caused by mass flooding.

The Graveyards of Dinosaurs
One of the largest fossil repositories in the world is that of The Dinosaur National Monument fossil quarry. This quarry has some, 1,600 fossils of fossilized dinosaur. The monument gives some insight on the cause for such a huge fossilized graveyard. In the monument opposite the rock face is a mural painting which depicts several dinosaurs wading through the water and below which is written “after a seasonal flood”. This is clear evidence that the carcasses of dinosaur was brought by muddy water and then washed into a sandbar. Some of this got completely buried in the sand and got preserved in a somewhat perfect state.
The 2007 fall uncovered a massive bed of fossils at Lo Heuco in Spain, which contained almost 8000 fossils of an estimated 100 Titanosauruses along with some other species of dinosaurs. Later on such a massive fossilization was accounted to be due to heavy flooding by a paleontologist at Cuenca’s museum.
There are a many historical evidences of flood like that of the Noah global flood which support the mass destruction of dinosaurs due to mass flooding.

Mass Flooding