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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
SuperOrder: Dinosauria
Order: Saurischia
SubOrder: Theropoda
Family: Coelophysoidea
Genus: Segisaurus
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Nowadays, kids are very much interested in learning more information about different types of dinosaurs especially after the great hit of Jurassic park film. There are different types of dinosaurs like killer dinosaurs, plant eating dinosaurs, armored dinosaurs, duck bills dinosaurs and flying dinosaurs. One such dinosaur is Segisaurus, which is a meat eater. Segisaurus was known to be lived in the early Jurassic period in North America (i.e.) 200 million years ago.

The term ‘Segisaurus' represents reptile of Segi. Segi is nothing but the location from where this dinosaur was discovered. The term is spelled as ‘Say-ee-sore-uss'. Segisaurus was known to have been one meter (i.e.) three feet long. Researchers say that Segisaurus would have weighed around eleven pounds. This dinosaur belongs to the Theropoda class of dinosaurs. As said earlier, it is a meat eater and it would have eaten small animals.

Since it belonged to a very early period, only a few bones of Segisaurus were found and from the bones it was discovered that it would have been a fast runner and it would have been able to dart from one side to another when it hunted the prey.

The remains of Segisaurus was found by Max Littlesalt in the year 1933 in Segi Canyon, after finding the bones he reported it to the archeologists and research was done using the remains. The research was done by Charles Lewis Camp, who was a paleontologist. The remains consisted of portions of pelvis, limbs and vertebrae. It was found that Segisaurus would have resembled the well-known dinosaur called Coelophysis. The only difference between these two dinosaurs would have been the bone type. Segisaurus would have had a solid bone, while Coelophysis would have had a hollow bone. From further research, it was found that Segisaurus would have been related closely to Procompsognathus.

It was found that it would have been in the size of a goose, it was insectivorous and nimble, and even it might have consumed meat as well. It would have had a bird like body structure with an elongated and flexible neck and stubbiest body. Segisaurus might have had powerful legs with three toes and the leg would have been long as compared to the length of its body. It also had a long forearms and long tail. Scientists discovered clavicles in the bone of Segisaurus and they found it to be strange since clavicles were present only in dinosaurs that belonged to much earlier era.

When the specimen of Segisaurus found it was linked with a sitting hen since the position of the dinosaur showed that. Other dinosaurs generally use the position of a sitting bird for staying sheltered and for sleeping. From the specimen it was found that Segisaurus would have been submerged in a sand layer, when it was sitting because of which it would have died. Along with the specimen of Segisaurus no other den or nest materials was found and so its hatching habits were not known. Very recently (i.e.) in September 2005, the remains of Segisaurus was again investigated and scientists found that it would have been a coelophysoid and would have been a relative of procompsognathus.