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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Pterosauria
SubOrder: Pterodactyloidea
Family: Ornithocheiridae
Genus: Liaoningopterus
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Liaoningopterus is derived from the genus of ornithiocheirid pterodactyloid pterosaur reigned in the age of Barremian- Aptian in the remote corner of Liaoning in china. It was named so by two scientists Zhou Zhimin and Wang Xiaolin in the year 2003. Actually the species that was found in Liaoning originated from the species Liaoningopterus GUI. The term 'opterus' has been derived from Latin that means 'wings'.

As per the scientific information the species belonged in the kingdom of animalia with a chordata phylum. The class that it belonged was none other than the Sauropsida. The order with which it could be associated was Pterosauria. The sub order went thus as Pterodactyloidea. It belonged to the family of Ornithocheiridae.

Initially the parts of the species such as the teeth, jaws, bones, vertebra and the bones of the fingers that were assumed to support the wings were found out. It was the largest bird like species that had a skull about 24 inches long. The span of the wings was estimated to be about 17 feet. The skull seemed low and long. There were two crests that came close to the beak- tip on both upper and lower jaws. The crest of the snout was about 12 centimeters long.

The bird like creature had teeth but those were found only in the anterior part of he jaws. The tooth of the bird was awesome. The fourth tooth that has been discovered is 81 millimeters long. It is easily assumed that no bird possessed such a big tooth in the ancient past. Still the matter that evokes wonder is that other teeth of the creature were not as long as the referred one.

The cervical vertebra was 46 millimeter in length. Both the scientists who discovered the species, Liaoningopterus came to the conclusion that the creature used to take fish as its prey. They were agile hunters and could target at the prey from a long distance hovering in the sky. Nothing is known of their habitats but it is assumed that the giant bird like creatures lived somewhere in the top of the hills or high tree tops.

The duo scientists tied to prove that the big creature that lived long ago were very similar to that of the pterodactyls but they were less fierce than those prehistoric animals who used to fly in the sky and pounced on the living creatures that roam on the earth after their will. They were omnivorous. But so far as the revelation of the data the Liaoningopterus lived only on fish. They had probably detested other animals as their food.

No solid data revealing the exact whereabouts of the species are in hand save the data explained by the scientists who discovered the remains of the giant bird body parts. It can never be told with certainty everything regarding the physiology of the bird like creature. Everything is made on assumptions and probabilities. The thing that be told with full throated ease is that the bird used to fly in the sky of the lone corners of china sometime in the Barremian Aptian period.