The Cambrian Conundrum-was Darwin right?

Already half a century passed Darwin had offered his first theory of the origin of diversified animal lives, their disparities and complexities. Presently it is well assumed that fossil records have been thoroughly read and scoured and they really speak in favor of Darwin's hypothesis. But a question often raised that whether these records sufficiently support Darwinian theory of gradualism as the story of the origin of the animal disparity and diversity or not? How much was Darwin on the right track when he stated that the numerous intermediate transitional links between all living things must have been great.

Nearly 543 million years ago began the Cambrian period of the geological history. There is only a limited record of the Cambrian fossil history making it yet more mystical. During the Darwinian era, Cambrian period really got much importance but nothing much came into surface which could change general presentation of the fossil records that where found within the Cambrian strata. One of the most astonishing features of the Cambrian period was the emergence of the animal phyla founded among the fossil records.

The highest order of the animal world is the phylum that represents an entire animal body plan. It is assumed that nearly 87% of the animal phylum has been found in the Cambrian strata. This is identified as the final division of the biological development that would see the prolonged evolutionary process. However, the most baffling part of this is the presence of the total animal body structures in the Cambrian strata without absolutely any evidence of any kind of transitional forms between them or transitional precursors prior to them.

Darwin can be excused with his optimistic views on the evidence of such fossilized creatures in the Precambrian strata that lie beneath the Cambrian strata which was then unexcavated. But todays Darwinians cannot go uncommented with such views and thorough excavation of the geological layer of the Precambrian strata has dug up only a minimal evidence of the transitional candidates for the Cambrian animals.
Cambrian animals had been found to appear within 5 million year period, which can only be considered as 5 minutes in the complete history of life taken as a 24 hours round clock, says a renowned paleontologists. Due to this reason this period is considered as the Cambrian explosion, which the scientific literature refers to as the Biological Big Bang.

So, what to conclude? Darwin was not very accurate with his hypothesis. The fossil records reveal the fact of the sudden presence of the animals on the earth. There is only a minimal evidence of any transitional forms within or before the Cambrian period. What these evidences imply about the originality of the complex life on the earth? Well, the intelligent cause that seems to be behind the cosmological big bang that gave birth to the universe is also responsible for its biological counterpart as well. But if we really need to explain the evidence with the best possible way, we are bound to acknowledge the Creator.