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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
SuperOrder: Dinosauria
Order: Sauropoda
SubOrder: Sauropodomorpha
Family: Rebbachisauridae
Genus: Nigersaurus
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The Nigersaurus (pronounced Ni-Ger-Saur-Us) meaning "Niger Lizard" lived in the Niger Republic where many fossils of this particular dinosaur have been found. It was relatively small measuring 15 meters long and was a member the Sauropoda family. Believed to have lived during the early cretaceous period (about 119-99 million years ago) this dinosaur was a herbivore and always had to watch its back for the viscous Sarcosuchus and other carnivores. The Nigersaurus had a shorter neck than other Sauropoda like the Barosaurus which may be because it was always scoping out the situation making sure it was safe to eat the plants in that particular area. Discovered in the later part of 20th century by Philippe Taquet, little was known about this Sauropoda until 2005 when Paul Sereno and Jeffery Willson managed to figure out the skull type of this smaller dinosaur. Apparently it had over 600 teeth and a shovel shaped head which helped them figure out how this dinosaur eat and lived, since this was one of the highest tooth counts ever seen on a Sauropoda it could probably scarf down a small tree in a matter of minutes. This dinosaur is not believed to have lived in North America.

Just for fun we have a soundclip available for you to hear what a Nigersaurus could've sounded like. Click to the Dinosaur Sounds area to hear it. Please note that the dinosaur sounds are only for entertainment and are not an actual fact.

New Updated NEWS about this dinosaur

There has been much talk about this dinosaur. Not only because it's a newer discovery, but also there is something very strange about it. Judging by the bone structure of the dinosaur, it ate with it's head extended along the ground, but because of the strange features of this dinosaur it has become a rumor that it's eating behavior acted like a vacuum scooping mass amounts of pretty much everything in its path. The skull and neck bones were extremely weak and fragile. It's obvious that it held its head low to the ground as the would cost too much strength to be upright, like other dinosaurs. This is actually common with sauropods. They were known with these features. However the Nigersaurus had over 500 teeth with 8 rows of teeth behind the front 500. The mouth of the Nigersaurus is strangely shaped like a square with the teeth almost in a straight line from one end to the other. With the shape of the skull it's no doubt that the Nigersaurus could walk around all day with its' mouth on the ground scooping everything and anything. Since the teeth were all rowed in the front and the square mouth than it could easily blow dirt and stuff like that out of the sides. All of the teeth were no bigger than a 3yr olds. With all of these teeth you'd assume that the creature wouldn't have much of a problem grabbing food, but this isn't the case at all. A recent study on the skull has determined that this dinosaur had barely enough strength to open and close its' mouth, let alone crewing! There's no way that the nigersaurus chewed its food because the study has proven that the muscle structure of the jaw couldn't have been strong enough for that because the bone is extremely thin. I won't heavily talk about the neck as the evidence has to been clarified enough, but there are studies that are saying that the neck pretty much was structured for an "Eating Machine". So now you know that the Nigersaurus could've been like one giant lawnmower. This also draws a lot of thoughts on the possibility of the cause for extinction. Although to the naked thought, it doesn't seem possible that one species of dinosaurs could be the cause to the extinction of all large lifeforms in the world, but think again. It's very possible. If it is true that the Nigersaurus did hold its head against the ground and just mow to ground, than one could clear a football field in 30 minutes. Imagine hundreds and hundreds of Nigersaurus clearing the path of the natural resources needed for life. This could've caused a shortage of food which would starve off any large creatures from the area including Nigersaurus, which would move to other areas to shorten that area. There's a good chance that herbivores living in the same region of Nigersaurus would've died, which would cause the Carnivores to die because food would be rare. It's like a beginning of the ending, because dinosaurs would migrate away and many would die trying to find food in unknown areas. In conclusion, all of this is very circumstantial which leaves it to you and if you believe this could be possible.